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  • New event successfully launched: first international trade show and conference in Ukraine, RENEXPO Eastern Europe / Alternative Energy
  • First Ukrainian study book "Fundamentals of Exhibition Marketing" is published
  • The trio of posters "Created by Nature" created for "RENEXPO Eastern Europe/ Alternative Energy" has won the Gran-Prix in the International Fair Poster Competition, which is annualy held by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI)
  • Valerii Pekar, President of Euroindex Ltd., chosen to the UFI Board of Directors.
  • Franchising trade fair became UFI Approved Event.
  • Three new trade shows launched successfully: Logistics, "BMSystems: Building Management Systems", Visit Ukraine.
  • Euroindex obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
  • Включение "Евроиндекса" в первый Справочник социально ответственных компаний Украины.
  • Three new trade shows launched: GO!Sport – Sports Goods and Services; T-REX – Technologies, Equipment and Materials for Production of Advertisements; Games Territory – Interactive Entertainment.
  • Third exhibition hall at KyivExpoPlaza built.
  • Three new trade shows launched: "EIA: Electronics and Industrial Automation"; "Pumps, Compressors, Fittings, and Heat-and-Power Engineering "; "Health of the Nation: Mother and Child".
  • Co-organized jointly with TechExpo Company: EEBC Telecom & Broadcasting Eastern Europe Exhibition and Conference in Broadband and Telecommunications.
  • Two new trade shows launched: Inventions and Innovations; Franchising.
  • Joint organization of new trade shows: Welding and Related Technologies (in collaboration with the E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine); Pipeline Transportation (in collaboration with the E. O. Paton Institute and Neftegaz Ukrainy national joint stock company).
  • Kyiv Hi-Fi Show trade show poster recognized among the top six posters at the exhibition poster contest of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
  • Company joins the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
  • Six new trade shows launched: ERP Solution; APM-ProdTek - equipment and technologies for the food and food-processing industry (in collaboration with IFWexpo GmbH); Industrial Lighting; Electronic Components; Kyiv DigiPhoto Show - digital photo and video equipment and media technologies; Money EXPO / Groshi EXPO - consumer financial services.
  • Second exhibition hall at KyivExpoPlaza built.
  • CIO Association of Ukraine founded.
  • Trace in Advertising national award established (in collaboration with the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition).
  • Company actively participates in the opening of the High School of Exhibition Management (in collaboration with the Institute of Advertising and KyivExpoPlaza exposition center).
  • KyivExpoPlaza built - the largest and most modern exhibition center in Ukraine. Euroindex Ltd. actively participates in its creation.
  • Two new trade shows launched: DigiMania:) - digital technologies; MashMet - machine building and metal working.
  • Business forum launched: IT for Business Management: New Solutions (in collaboration with Supremum consulting company).
  • Annual meeting of the Council of Directors of CENTREX International Exhibition Union held in Kyiv.
  • Euroindex Ltd. joins the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
  • Three new trade shows launched: ExpoTEL - corporate telecommunications networks; Industrial Cold - technologies for industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, and ventilation; Kyiv Hi-Fi Show - Hi-Fi, high-end, and home cinema equipment.
  • Euroindex Ltd. joins CENTREX International Exhibition Union.
  • The High-Tech Cooperation Forum international conference held.
  • Company joins the Ukrainian Association of Marketing.
  • First audit of the main statistics of each trade show (number of exhibitors and visitors, net exhibition space) according to the methodology of CENTREX International Exhibition Union.
  • Two conferences launched: Retail Trade: Effective Organization of a Trading Company (in collaboration with New Project company); Direct Marketing: Instruments and Technologies (in collaboration with OS-Direct direct marketing agency).
  • Intel Business Solutions Forum held - the largest business forum in Ukraine on the latest information technologies for business.
  • Fourth Sector Media Center opened (in collaboration with SoftPress publishing house).
  • The Golden Chef's Hat rating of restaurants in Kyiv held for the first time.
  • Euroindex Ltd. joins the Internet Association of Ukraine.
  • Creation of one of the first Internet incubators in Ukraine - i-Nest ( Two projects are currently in operation - All-Hotels (online hotel reservation service) and Chicken.Kiev (table search and reservation at restaurants in Kyiv).
  • New trade show launched: BEZPEKA - security systems and devices (held since 2002 in collaboration with Nauka Expocenter of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).
  • Successful completion of an important government contract to organize a Ukrainian event at the annual meeting of the Council of Directors of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.
  • Two new trade shows launched: elcomUkraine - power engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics (in collaboration with fairtrade GmbH & Co. KG); REX - advertising, marketing, and mass media.
  • Euroindex Ltd. launches corporate website.
  • Company helps founding, and joins, the Exhibition Federation of Ukraine.
  • New trade show launched: MaRHo - equipment for shops, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Company joins the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.
  • New trade show launched: EnterNET - computer networks and telecommunications.
  • First issue of Office - a magazine for the effective manager.
  • First two trade shows launched: EnterEX - information technologies and telecommunications; Dream House - household electronics.
  • Who is Who in Ukraine's Computer Market guidebook launched (issued in 1995, 1998, and 1999).
  • First issue of Hot Line weekly bulletin of computer and office equipment prices (published in collaboration with MIDI company 1993-1995, and published by ITC company starting in 1995).
  • Foundation of Euroindex Ltd. as highly specialized information and marketing company to service high-tech industries.
  • First issue of IndexPRO magazine for programmers (published 1992-1995), other vocational guidebooks and dictionaries published.

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